Explore Ellenville’s beautiful and amazing hiking trails while you stay at Skyway Camping Resort!

Not one trail is alike. From Ellenville’s caves, lakes and rocky terrains, there are a variety of hiking trails that are sure to satisfy everyone’s tastes and interests.

Plus, all the trails are under a 25-minute drive from Skyway, so you don’t have to travel far to spend a day in hiking heaven.

Trek through these trails with your spouse, family, or pup, because there’s a trail for everyone to enjoy nature!

A Hike with Options: Sam’s Point Preserve

A 21-minute drive from Skyway Camping Resort

Sam’s Point is located on the highest section of the Minnewaska State Park Preserve. Trek through 7.8 miles of dense forest, streams, waterfalls, caves, cliffs and spectacular views. Sam’s Point Preserve is the starting point for many trails, giving you the option to choose your own path. Turn right to journey to the Ice Caves, turn left to explore the VerKeerderkill Falls, or choose to go straight up to Lake Maratanza!

Chill Out in a Cave: Ice Cave White Loop Trail

A 21-minute drive from Skyway Camping Resort

Ice Cave White Loop Trail is a great hike for a hot summer day! Chill your bones in this cooling cave that gives off a cool air-conditioner like breeze. The air in the Caves gets trapped in the winter, keeping the inside cold enough for snow to stay through July!  The cave isn’t the only cool thing about this trail. You will trek through stone stairs, bridges and in some places climb ladders! This trail might be difficult for your furry friend, but perfect for beginner hikers that don’t mind a challenge. The total loop is 0.5 miles.

Chasing Waterfalls: VerKeerderkill Falls

A 21-minute drive from Skyway Camping Resort

Verkeerderkill Falls will take you away from civilization and put you front and center with wilderness and the roar of water from a spectacular 187-foot high waterfall. Here you will feel as though you stumbled upon a great discovery, with no signs of humanity and the absence of safety railings. The trail is a challenging rocky terrain that is slightly uphill and narrow. We recommend keeping the little ones behind for this one! The trail is 8.2 miles.

Lake Maratanza

A 24-minute drive from Skyway Camping Resort

Lake Maratanza is the highest lake in New York’s Shawangunk Ridge, reaching an elevation of 2,245 feet above sea level! This is a dammed lake with rocky beach shores and stunning views of the Shawangunk Mountain Region. No swimming is currently allowed unless you are a canine. This is the easiest hike through Sam’s Point Preserve. However one must note that taking this route makes you leave the loop through a 0.5-mile up-and-back trail.

View from the Top: Shawangunk Loop

A 10-minute drive from Skyway Camping Resort

Shawangunk Loop is a unique rocky trail that sits in Witch’s Hole State Forest. This trail is perfect for anyone who can appreciate a breathtaking view from the top! You will trek through the woods on an incline, reaching an elevation of 2,050 feet. Once you reach the top, you might experience euphoria. The views are spectacular and peaceful! The total loop is 8.8 miles.

Spot Wildlife: Bear Hill Preserve Trail

A 20-minute drive from Skyway Camping Resort

Bear Hill Preserve Trail offers you the chance to see wildlife in its purest form. This is an easy trail that is good for all skill levels, families and dog owners. This trek calls out to all bird lovers and those seeking to spot other critters with 1.2 miles of vast forest, rocky trails and scenic views.

Wheel on Through: Lippman Park Loop

A 16-minute drive from Skyway Camping Resort

Lippman Park Loop is perfect for mountain bikers! Wheel through the 9.7-mile loop and stop by the gorgeous lake for a break! Feel like a true BMX Star as you bike through rocks, turns, jumps, gaps, and bridges. The difficulty ranges through this loop, but it is generously marked making it easy to navigate through!

Lake Minnewaska State Park Preserve

A 27-minute drive from Skyway Camping Resort

Lake Minnewaska is situated on Shawangunk Mountain ridge, which rises more than 2,000 feet above sea level. Rugged, rocky terrain surrounds the beautiful lake. Hike through hardwood forests to explore waterfalls, sky lakes, sheer cliffs and ledges with jaw-dropping views. The park covers a total of 50 miles that satisfy hikers and bikers alike.


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